VZ-PRO-MINI takes a single HDMI input at up to 1080p resolution and splits it into 4 quadrants, providing a simple way to display a 2×2 video wall at up to 4K resolution. There are 4 HDMI outputs, with each output assigned to one of the 4 displays. This compact unit uses a fanless embedded system powered by QuadCore processor to provide superb performance and lower power consumption.

VZ-PRO-MINI supports multiple I/O connectors such as stereo audio jacks, USB ports, Gigabit Ethernet LAN port, configurable COM ports and DIO connector. VZ-PRO-MINI also offers 2.5” SSD storage and optional WLAN (WiFi) connectivity.

VZ-PRO-MINI’s chassis is constructed from robust aluminum alloy and is designed to support VESA-mounting for quick installation and easy maintenance.

These combined features make VZ-PRO-MINI perfect for various digital signage, video-wall, gaming, industrial and embedded applications.

For more information on this product, please visit ViewZ website.