The StartUp Stick by Server Technology provides a unique means to more easily create individual rack PDU configurations, including IP addresses, on a computer workstation and be able to mass deploy these configurations to each rack PDU in mere seconds. You get a spreadsheet-based tool with built-in rules verification, a standard USB interface for PC and MAC, simple LED pass/fail indicator, and on-board logging.

Startup in 5 seconds with Startup Stick

• No DHCP, no problem: One StartUp Stick to get thousands of CDUs on your network
• No scripting: Set the configuration of as many as 79 parameters at the comfort of your desk
• No need to lug your laptop or crash-cart around the data center: Configure in rack or at powered bench
• ROI in a matter of hours: 5-second typical configuration load time per unit with LED confirmation
• Leverage expansion CDUs for even further reduction in configuration time
• Speed up integration of SPM using scheduled discovery and SNAP to start monitoring right away
• We will send you a file with the serial numbers of your CDU order to start your configuration
• Get your StartUp Stick with your next order! Ask for KIT-SUS-01

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