Project Description


Server Technology’s experts produce the highest quality rackmount power distribution and monitoring solutions that help manage power capacity, reduce downtime and improve energy efficiency. Our extensive selection of Sentry CDUs is 100% performance tested for reliability and accuracy and is adaptable, enabling quick delivery of solutions that meet customer-specific requirements.


New StartUp Stick from Server Technology

The StartUp Stick by Server Technology provides a unique means to more easily create individual rack PDU configurations, including IP addresses, on a computer workstation and be able to mass deploy these configurations to each rack PDU in mere seconds. You get a spreadsheet-based tool with built-in rules verification, a standard USB […]

Server Technology’s New PRO2 PDU

Built with redundant power and hot-swappable network cards, the PRO2 platform is capable of ensuring communication among rackmounted devices even in the event that a master power unit fails. It is, therefore, ideal for use in high-density or high-temperature environments, or for use with mission-critical applications that require advanced protection. […]

Server Technology on Alternating Phase Outlet Technology

The demand for more power in the computer cabinet has led many data centers to upgrade to three phase power distribution. Proper three phase power distribution has traditionally meant dividing power into multiple branches within the rack PDU (Power Distribution Unit). In this paper Server Technology explores the advantages of […]

Server Technology SPM v5.4

The most affordable and accurate system available to measure, monitor and trend data center power. A flexible, stand alone power monitoring system, or middleware for DCIM or BMS integration, that makes managing your PDUs easy. SPM features a user friendly, single pane of glass dashboard view of your data center […]

Server Technology Wins an Award

SPM: Data Center Management Product of the Year

SPM is a simple and affordable solution that can be used to measure, deploy, update, monitor and trend power to the entire local or global data center. SPM lays out exactly where in a cabinet a specific piece of IT equipment is mounted. […]