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RLE Technologies is the leading provider of water leak detection systems and web-based monitoring solutions for mission-critical facilities.


RLE’s Risk Mitigation Checklist

This checklist will help you identify water and chemical leak danger zones in any type of facility and safeguard your business against a leak catastrophe and the disasters of downtime.

Use the checklist to:

Ensure that you’ve considered all the most common and commonly overlooked threats
Take a step back and look […]

RLE Is Working On Something New!

As part of our ongoing mission to safeguard the world from unnecessary downtime and property damage caused by undetected water leaks, RLE Technologies is working on something new.

No, it’s not a variant on our famed leak detection cable. (Not just now, anyway. You never know what the next year […]

New Blog Post from RLE Technologies

We’ve got some good news and some bad news

Here’s the bad news: Depending on your industry, the hourly costs of business downtime can be catastrophically high, not just in direct cost of lost business, but in the add-on costs of recovery, diminished employee morale, and eroded customer trust.

Here’s the good […]

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