Arteco has added another important feature to its well-known VEMS platform Arteco-Logic NEXT making it Easy to manage Events. A plugin representing an intrusion detection control panel will allow you to take complete control of all of your devices by integrating them directly into Arteco-Logic NEXT.

Users can enhance and enrich video event management with the plugin by customizing visualization, alarm notifications, and much more. The integrated mapping feature allows users to plan and identify intrusion easily and quickly, while the controller Arteco Everywhere allows users greater flexibility in controlling video and I/O device interaction.

The new plugin allows users to maintain remote access of intrusion detection devices from the most important brands on the market (Sicurtel, Ademco, Honeywell and many more…) directly from thier VEMS platform. Abilities include:

  • Customize zone names and groups to help filter areas of interest in seconds
  • Manage events accurately and quickly filtering from all of those available in the Contact-ID protocol with an extremely user-friendly interface
  • Identify and group alarm detection easily to assure maximum control of your surroundings
  • Easily configure alarm notifications by fully customizable SMS, email, audio messages

For more information about Arteco’s NEXT software, click here.