The Aeron has been designed to fill the gap between the successful Oculus rugged dome and the Osiris pan and tilt. The extended Aeron head can accept the industry stalwart thermal lens of 100mm and a new revolutionary 105mm lens with 3 x optical zoom.

This new addition to the Silent Sentinel range means Silent Sentinel can now offer a complete line up of thermal products from 320 resolution wide angle fixed lens to 640 cooled thermal with 750mm optical zoom.

Do you need to detect hot spots, monitor fires? Then the Aeron Ti/R is the answer. With built-in radiometric thermal inside, hot spots can be detected and alarms generated.

Aeron TI datasheet

Additionally, if you don’t require thermal, only video monitoring, why not look at the Aeron IL with 200m IR illuminator built-in.

Aeron TIR datasheet